"Upper society" popular female host Bai Baimei muscle into a point of view

"Upper society" popular female host Bai Baimei muscle into a point of view

The Korean drama of the summer file is in full swing. The SBS drama "Upper Society", which was not optimistic when it was launched, was ranked second in the same month as the fire drama with 9.8% ratings. The play tells the story of a chaebol daughter who seeks to live in the supermarket in search of true love and associates with the Phoenix man. Although the drama can't escape the vulgar plot of the tyrannical grievances, the eye-catching index of the two pairs of men and women starring in the drama is sighing: "The small fresh meat is unlimited, and the second cup can still be half price!"

One is Bai Fumei, who is desperately trying to get rid of the wealthy status. One is the female man who is full of handsome males and big lads all over the world. Their common point is that they all have white and transparent water light muscles. Even if the netizen spit out the poor drama group and wants to shoot the giants, but in the face of a good face, it is worth the flow back!

Jin Yuzhen

In the play, the second generation of UIE Jin Yuzhen debuted with the combination After School, and was familiar with many Chinese audiences because of his participation in Running Man. In the drama of "Upper Society", Jin Yuzhen plays the role of the birth of the eight characters and the parents, while the rich and cold-stricken rich woman, the delicate facial features and the shiny and moisturous children's beauty skin attracts a lot of attention, so that the audience in front of the TV Envy.

Kim Jong-il was once a swimmer, and she talked about the benefits of swimming for exercising women's body in many interviews. However, there is a large amount of bleaching powder in the swimming pool. If the water is not wiped off immediately after swimming, the skin will absorb the moisture on the surface of the skin and make the skin dry and dry, especially in the northern region.

Kim Min-jin said that every time he swims, he will immediately dry the water drops on his body, and carefully clean it, then wipe the moisturizing products. When applying, apply all parts of the body to gently massage. This will help the nutrients absorb as quickly as possible and keep the skin moist.

In addition, you can apply anti-chlorinated milk to your skin before swimming. Anti-chlorinated milk is generally formulated with water-in-oil. It is not easy to open when exposed to water. It can be used on the surface of the skin to form a protective film to effectively remove residual chlorine and salt from the water.

The singer and the actor turn around and the rest time is naturally very small. Therefore, Kim Min Jong will use the gaps in the film to close his eyes and raise his mind. When he transfers his work place, he will sleep in the car. If he is at home, he will sleep well. It should be noted that the beauty is not only reflected in the length of sleep, but also the timing of falling asleep.

It is the time of liver detoxification from 23 o'clock to 1 am every day. In order to ensure that the skin toxins can be discharged to the maximum extent, it is best to go to bed before 23 o'clock. Many night owls like to fall asleep at 2 or 3 in the morning, even if they sleep for eight hours, get up at 10 o'clock in the morning, because they have missed the best detoxification time of the skin, so they can not play a good role in sleep and beauty.

In addition to the outstanding hydrating skin, the healthy and curvy body is also the reason why Jin Yuzhen has a very high popularity. The most fans are talking about her pair of strong and firm "honey thighs". "Honey thigh" means that it is more fleshy and feels like a round leg with a honey-like shape. Kim Min Jong chooses to exercise this leg line through "deep squat". However, the size of the Asians determines that we should avoid choosing weight-bearing squats when doing squats. Pay attention to the two feet and shoulder width when practicing, and the basic requirements of the toes when the knees are bent.

For weight loss, UIE must drink 4 bottles of 500 ml of water a day, a total of 2 liters. If you drink water, you will get tired. Sometimes she will drink burdock tea, which is very helpful for weight loss. Also, because flour foods are not well digested, Jin Hao really never eats flour products when there is work.

In addition, unlike other people, her weight loss staple food is actually a meal, and eat two meals a day. Even when you lose weight, you won't be hungry. Kim Min-soo said that she used to lose weight before eating advertisements and posters. After the filming, she began to overeating and then ran for 2 hours. Later, she knew that it was not good for her health, so she would not use hunger therapy. Instead, she would eat half of what she wanted to eat and control her total intake.

Lin Zhizhen

In the "Upper Society" drama, the cute and direct performance of the female No. 2 made the actor Lin Zhisheng's popularity soar. He often recited the idiots in the play, and the happy family of the male two attracted a group of netizens to turn the powder. The limelight did not lose. Jin Yuzhen. Lin Zhisheng’s name sounds strange, but last year’s “19-forbidden” film “Human Poisoning”, starring by her and Song Chengxian, caused great repercussions among fans, while “Upper Society” was Lin Zhi’s first TV series.

Lin Zhisheng, who is born with double eyelids, has a very light makeup in the play. The reason why she looks beautiful is that she benefits from the natural skin of her natural beauty. Some time ago, she talked about many of her own beauty secrets in the "mirror dialogue" session of a beauty program "Get It Beauty" in Korea.

For the way to keep fit, Lin Zhisheng said, "To keep no toxins, often detox. Because my face and body are easy to swollen, so try not to eat too salty or too irritating food." She talked about the food she often eats, she Choosing a small persimmon, in the program, Lin Zhisheng praised the benefits of small persimmons. She said that small persimmons can keep the body healthy, away from doctors, and that the twenty small persimmons have only 15 calories, and they will not be fat when they are full.

Lin Zhisheng also talked about skin care, saying that she often drinks hibiscus tea and detox juice. She said, "Hibiscus tea diuretic is most beneficial to eliminate toxins from the body. I often use tea to replace water." She also said "often drink detox juice. Cooked cabbage, persimmons, broccoli, carrots, plus whole apples and bananas, Drinking together can not only slim down, but also help to keep fit and protect the skin. It is important to remove the toxins from the body."

There are daily hardworking skin care outside the diet. Lin Zhiyi prefers to use skin care products with Korean formula. The faint medicinal taste will make people feel at ease. Before going to bed, she will apply a 2~3 times higher amount of cream than usual to the face, so that the cream will turn into a good night mask, and naturally enjoy the water when the next day.

In addition to using a cream instead of a good night mask, she also uses essential oil massage to supplement the skin with nutrients. Before going to sleep, Lin Zhisheng will use 1 to 2 drops of essential oil in the palm of his hand. After using his hands to heat up, he will massage back and forth on the face. The method is simple and convenient, and the next day he will receive the unexpected surprise effect.

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