Is the educational toy really puzzle? Parents brighten their eyes and identify

[Chinese and foreign toy network October 12] Is the educational toy really puzzle? There are quite a few professionals who have said that the educational toys on the market are so dazzling, but not all educational toys are “real material”, and a large part of them are crowned “puzzle”. Children's toys don't have much puzzle ingredients. That is to say, these so-called educational toys have their own names. They are just high-end toys that are worthy of high value. “As an example of a music type toy that is very common but is very popular among young parents, the sales staff will be very enthusiastic to introduce that such a toy can enhance the children’s language and music skills. In fact, there are A large part is not so magical, such a toy is just a very ordinary toy." Mr. Li said with great experience.

Educational toy blocks

According to an industry insider interviewed by reporters, there are indeed many educational toys that give children a great educational and educational influence. However, some of them are mixed. Everyone has not seen anything, such as how hard the R&D and design capabilities of the industry are. Can they really design and develop a real educational toy? And so on!

If you have enough careful consumers, you will know something about it. For example, a very ordinary children's toy just adds one or two elements that look very trendy. It is greatly raised its value (the value of the goods and the toys play) the value of). Young parents who are rational enough will not blindly pursue the word "puzzle". They will give children children toys in a timely and appropriate manner, whether it is puzzle or non-education.

It is understood that the children's toys are strange, there are relatively more traditional building block puzzle type toys, there are also remote control toys and other types of trendy toys. However, although the children's toys are strange, they are nothing more than two types, one is static and the other is dynamic. Some parents now think that educational toys should be both static and dynamic, so that children's hands and brains can be operated at the same time, thereby training and cultivating their various skills and behaviors.

brain game

Experts say that children's toys should not be just for fun to play, whether it is educational toys, or non-educational toys, toy games that can improve their personal ability, that is the toy that is worth updating and touching. As the mentality of people's abilities increases, the more scientific it is, the more accepted it is. The type of children's toys for children is certainly no exception. This tests the wisdom and ability of young parents and other consumers.

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