How to repair damaged skin after Halloween makeup?

How to repair damaged skin after Halloween makeup?
After Halloween makeup, you will face a tough skin repair problem, remove the heavy makeup, clear the blocked pores, etc. Work well, learn the following 5 measures, let you learn how to repair the damage skin.
Do not over-clean before heavy makeup
After the heavy makeup, everyone wants to do a very thorough cleansing, but don't put this step before makeup. Steamed noodles and exfoliation will open the pores of the face, and the heavy makeup will easily enter the pores, so deep cleaning should be done after removing the makeup.
Apply gel to protect acne before applying makeup
If you have acne before heavy makeup, you can use acne gel to cover the acne, which not only can separate the skin and the base makeup, but also help the acne to disappear faster. It is also important to use isolation before the makeup, which seals the pores and prevents the foundation from clogging the pores.
Don't use glue in makeup
If you are planning a very exaggerated alternative makeup, you are also ready for a large makeup remover, and the remaining colors of various pigments need to be cleaned repeatedly, etc., then there is one more thing to be aware of, and never to exaggerate the makeup. It is glued. If you want to create a scar on the skin, you can use fake eyelash glue or toothpaste instead of glue. You can use baby oil as a lubricant when removing.
First use a moisturizer remover
When removing all kinds of heavy makeup, pigments, and false eyelashes, you can use the old moisturizer, massage the parts that need to be removed, let the makeup melt and soften, and then use the normal makeup remover such as cleansing oil to remove makeup, and finally use it. Cleansing soap for cleaning.
Exfoliating the next day
After the baptism of heavy makeup, the skin needs a thorough detoxification, so you can carry out a more thorough exfoliation, and then use some masks with astringent effect.

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