Creative DIY: 3D Printed Umbrella Independent Suspension System

November 2nd news, the magical power of 3D printing , many netizens have learned that today's 3D printing technology is applied to the daily life of one more example - umbrella. Zhongguancun online news, when I was a child, I often listened to "Meteor Rain". There is a lyric that is very impressive: "Take your hand, follow me, the wind is big again - you have me, you will never get lost..." Today, 3D printing technology makes us really fearless!

Cahay Ho, who lives in "Rainy City" Vancouver, suffers from frequent umbrellas in wind and rain, so he painstakingly studied the improvement of umbrellas. With the aid of 3D printing technology, an umbrella called “Cypress” was designed. Cahay Ho used the power of the tubular profile to create an independent suspension system that can withstand strong winds, making the umbrella not easily accessible from the inside out. Flip. The dozens of main sliders and iterations of this "cypress" umbrella are all done by 3D printing. The structure is as strong as cypress and the price is cheaper than ordinary umbrellas. More importantly, it can withstand heavy winds and heavy rains.

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