Carving machine factory technical experts analyze the selection method of engraving tools for you

The quality of the engraving workpiece of the CNC engraving machine is determined not only by the performance of the engraving machine itself, but also by many external factors. For example, can the level of operator skills and proficiency in operating skills be selected according to the material? These are all related to the effect of engraving, rather than saying that if the picture is done well, the good design of the path can engrave a good workpiece. Today Qingdao Speedmaster CNC Engraving Machine Factory will introduce in detail how to choose the engraving tool of the engraving machine according to the material.

1. Familiar with the choice of the blade length of the woodworking engraving machine. The choice of the blade length should be that adding 2-3MM to the thickness of the processed plate is the most suitable blade length. The speed of the cutting acrylic motor is 18000-24000 rpm, and the blade length is too long to be used for processing hard materials.
2. The engraving targets are different, and the woodworking engraving machine tools selected are also different. When fine text patterns are engraved, small angle and small tip tools should be used. When large text patterns are engraved, large angles, When designing the machining path of the large knife point and the carving knife, try to choose the tool angle and the knife point to maximize to improve the engraving efficiency. The angle of the hard material should be large, and the blade should be large.
3. The carving knife of the woodworking engraving machine frequently breaks. The occurrence of this kind of thing is related to the quality of the cutter. It is also related to your engraving setting habits, the precision of the engraving machine's guide rail motor, plates, and fixtures.
4. On the issue of woodworking engraving machine tool selection, staff must understand that the low-power spindle motor (smaller fixture) should use a small shank tool (3.175 mm, 4.0 mm). The cutting speed should not be too fast. Keep the minimum resistance and get the best cutting effect. The high-power motor can use a large shank diameter tool to increase the engraving speed.
The seemingly simple job also requires extremely high professional skills. Generally, the operators of Speedmaster engraving machines have to go through a systematic training before they can formally take up their jobs. The main considerations for the use of engraving machine tools, as well as how to choose the appropriate tool according to the corresponding material for systematic training, so that the processing performance of the engraving machine can be better played, and the processing efficiency can be better improved.

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