Please call me the real faction - Gulliao 12L waterproof riding bag evaluation report

As people pay attention to sports, outdoor and health topics, cycling is no longer just an athlete's patent. It is increasingly loved by the general public. Every weekend, about 35 friends, ride to the suburbs and escape from the concrete. The city enjoys a moment of tranquility and can seek a brief relief from the arduous work. Then we need a backpack or bag to carry the items. Based on my riding experience for several years, we recommend to analyze the bag (except riding in cycling) because the shoulder sinks and the waist goes forward during riding. Qu, now if the back pack, the damage caused to the waist is much larger than when walking upright, it is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain, and the shoulder bag can liberate your shoulders and waist, which is the first choice for leisure riding and long distance riding.

What we share with you today is an OSAH gull 12L waterproof riding bag. First of all, we are grateful to the company's support and equipment support.

First, brand introduction

2004 OSAH brand establishment

OSAH is a brand promoted by Fuzhou Yige Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Since 2004, the successful research and development of waterproof bags samples, its excellent professional quality, has been sought after by the major brands in the industry, Gulliao started in the United Kingdom and other major European waterproof bags OEM production.

Joined DOMANI in 2008

The experience of R&D and production for world-renowned waterproof package brands has enabled them to have advanced design concepts, accumulated rich technical experience, and reached world advanced level. In the past ten years, OSAH has been focusing on the application of new waterproofing technology and the improvement of product quality. All kinds of waterproof bags have been tried out by numerous outdoor clubs in the country and received good praise. Products have covered all types of outdoor sports and urban light sports, including car self-driving trips, bicycles, motorcycles, kayaking, hiking, hiking, swimming, surfing, sailing and sailing and other leisure sports.


The company focuses on the development of lightweight waterproof equipment, and successfully applied new technologies such as human bionics to product research and development. It successfully developed the world's most lightweight waterproof pockets, backpacks and board packages. The products have won the world's major outdoor and sports exhibitions. The esteem of merchants.

Second, product information

Brand: OSAH gulls

Name of Product: Bicycle Siamese Bag

Manufacturing process: seamless welding, hot forming

Waterproof rating: IPX6

The main material: 500D clip net

Sealing method: Folding and rewinding

Reflective strip position: front, back + side logo

Third, the product details

The first is its appearance. The whole bag is mainly composed of bright yellow and black. The bright colors attract the eye. There are dark and light reflective strips. The side of the OSAH brand LOGO is illuminated in dark light and has a reflective strip effect. The appearance of an entire idol faction. The following figure shows that the reflection effect under dark light is very obvious (dark light shooting has a color difference).

Waterproof logo inside the bag mouth, the official logo is IPX6, that is, water-resistant type, in any direction directly by the water jet will not enter the interior, is the strongest level of water in the use of land objects, this waterproof grade is clearly the power of the faction has .

There is a certain relationship between the waterproof capacity and the material of the bag body, the production process and the sealing method. The first is the material of the bag body. The material of the main bag body of the bag includes a paint layer, a pliable layer, a scratch resistant layer, and a waterproof layer from the outside to the inside. Layers and nylon fabrics and other five layers composed of 500D mesh material, with scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, waterproof first-class, easy to clean and so on.

The two pieces of fabric are seamlessly welded and hot-pressed to avoid the presence of stitches, thereby eliminating the water seepage at the joints.

The sealing method adopts the folding and crimping methods commonly used by the company. The sealing method is mature, the operation is simple, and the waterproof effect is good.

Reinforcing treatment is adopted at the connection between the main bag and the fastener tape and the middle connection between the two bags, which can effectively prevent tearing caused by stress concentration.

Next, look at the fasteners on the shoulder bag. The texture of the buckle's tentacle is very strong, strong and durable, and the sound is crisp when used. The thermoplastic material is made to avoid brittle fracture at low temperatures.

The shoulder bag is a one-piece type. The main bags of the two bags are connected together by connecting straps. The connecting straps are thick and strong with tentacles and portable handles for easy lifting.

The top of the frame is made of Velcro adhesive, and the base is fixed to the frame first, and then the Velcro on the connecting part of the shoulder bag is attached to the frame, and the assembly and disassembly are convenient.

The side frame of the vehicle is connected with the frame vertical bar using a fastener made of thermoplastic material. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is also very firm, avoiding the shake of the bag body caused by the bumpy road section.

This bag uses a straight-barrel structure for easy loading of items, but it should be noted that flexible packing is based on the frequency of use.

The rear side is equipped with two portable storage bags that can hold small items with high frequency without having to go inside the main bag.

Fourth, outdoor measurement

When I got the bag, I started riding a trial. I tried to ride about 50 kilometers. In mountainous roads, the road quality is not good and there are bumpy road sections. Combined with the actual outdoor experience, it can be concluded:

The capacity of this bag is mainly on the daily line. If you want to make a multi-day line, large items such as tents must be plugged in.

The yellow and black collocations and bright colors show a high rate of return for me. It can be seen that it is very eye-catching in any environment.

Of course, if you put on a dress like me again, I promise you to ride out and go back and burst out.

This type of bag material is strong, excellent workmanship, excellent waterproof, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant, very praiseworthy, mud water splashed on the bag, only need to wipe the water and then dry, cleaning is very convenient.

I have been skeptical about the effectiveness of thermoplastic anti-stuck components, and in the actual use of the process in the bumpy section of the focus of the test, and recorded a video, found that the actual use, prevent bumps good results.

As for the waterproofness test, just as it rained, I put a paper towel inside the bag and drenched it for about 10 hours outside the window. After opening it, I reached for a touch. The main bag tissue was not wetted with rain, and the waterproof effect was strong. Bags of paper towels are completely wet and do not have waterproof capabilities.

V. Evaluation and Summary

1. The main advantages of this bag are as follows:

1) The bag body is brightly coloured to attract eyeballs and is considered to be an idol pie;

2) The main bag waterproof performance, can withstand the actual inspection, but also a well-deserved strength;

3) The material and workmanship of the bag are very solid and worthy of recognition.

2. To be improved:

1) The style is fancy and the practicality needs to be improved. In outdoor life, simple and practical is what we admire. For example, the thermoplastic fasteners on the side of the anti-upside are complicated and the parts are easy to rust. If you change to a lateral belt with fasteners, it is more simple and practical.

2) Folding and rewinding The sealing method of the rewinding is good in practical use, but at the expense of the whole bag, it is close to 1/3 of the capacity. If it is changed to a waterproof zipper and the curtain is better, it is worth considering;

3) The last evaluation of the OSAH 20L bag, I once pointed out that one improvement proposal is to add a rear storage bag, which is a post-storage bag, is very worthy of recognition. However, the materials used in the rear storage bag, whether it is far-sighted, close-looking, touch-sensitive, or actual rain-tested, have a large gap between the material of the main bag and the manufacturing process, and the gap between the main package and the main package is quite obvious.

3. A brief comparison with other bags:

Compared with the OSAH 20L waterproof bag that was shared with you last time, the main differences between the two bags are:

1. Capacity, this paragraph is 12L, more suitable for riding on the 1st;

2. This section of the bag is a postman style bag, the other is a split bag, but also can be used as a shoulder bag, but the previous evaluation report also mentioned that as a single shoulder bag effect is not imagined it is good;

3. This section of the bag adds a portable storage bag, which is lacking in another, but the portable storage bag does not conform to its status as a tall person from the material to the process, and is better than nothing.

4. In terms of anti-upturn protection, this model uses a thermoplastic fastener to buckle on the rear frame vertical pole. The other is a hook that can be hooked on the frame. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it has achieved its purpose and should come Said that the effect of the paragraph is better.

Compared with my other GDW bag, the main difference is:

1.Materials, GDW bag material is waterproof canvas, the main bag material of this bag is 500D clip net, waterproof canvas wins at dirty, low price, 500D clip net wins in bright colors, waterproof effect is better (Tall Wei The waterproof bag is also very good. After showering one day, the inside is slightly damp, but it is not wet. It was measured in 13 years.)

2. Different capacity positioning, GDW is located in the long-term riding, OSAH is located in the short-term riding, there is one point to note, OSAH bag capacity because of folding and rewinding the sealing method has a discount, and GDW is "very able Loading"

3. Different design concepts, GDW packs are all practical, because the GDW owner is a long-distance rider and participant himself, and he knows better what problems he will encounter during riding and how to solve it. In this regard, it is suggested that OSAH learn from GDW and that it should be able to bring greater improvements to OSAH.

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