The world's first full 3D printed revolver debut

Recently, mechanical engineering student James Patrick showed the full-featured PM522 Washbear.22 LR revolver he designed and 3D printed . All the other parts of the entire pistol are completely 3D printed, except for the striker, several rubber bands acting as springs, and a certain amount of metal that is legally required to be detected. It is understood that this is the first functional flame exchanger ever built entirely using desktop 3D printers . In addition, it is equipped with a metal barrel insert.

The world's first full 3D printed revolver debut

It is understood that the PM522 Washbear's frame is capable of supporting six or eight rounds of bombs, but the six guns use a more durable nylon material, while the eight guns are printed with ABS material and steel bushings. Increase the strength. Both pods can be placed in the same gun frame so they can be interchanged. All STL files have been optimized by Patrick to maximize the strength of the material and prevent printing failures. For example, the gun body frame is printed flat on one side, and the magazine is printed on the stand. This combines them to form a frame that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the shot and avoid cracking between the layers of the gun.

The world's first full 3D printed revolver debut

In contrast, the famous "Liberator" pistol (the world's first full 3D printing pistol) is not so fine, it can only fire a bullet, and often the pistol is broken. If Patrick's statement about PM522 Washbear is accurate, this is definitely an important upgrade for the liberators. Although he warned that the gun was not designed for reuse. Patrick also warned that subsonic ammunition is the best choice for this gun, because it does not break through the sound barrier when it is launched, so it does not cause shock waves to impact the gun.

Patrick clearly stated that his gun could not be printed using standard PLA material. Instead, he suggested that all parts of the gun be printed with ABS material and that the print fill rate was set to 100%, and that the bomb compartment could not use metal. Bushings require the use of stronger nylon materials. According to Patrick, taulman 3D's Bridge wire has been proven to be fully satisfactory. When the gun was assembled, Patrick glued all the parts together with epoxy and installed the stainless steel tube in place, so his gun was fully compliant with (US) law.

There is no doubt that the PM522 Washbear is a very cleverly designed weapon that uses a unique solution to operate the rotating magazine. Patrick replaced the spring with some rubber bands. He suggested using a ? inch dental belt loop to drive the gun's striker, trigger and transmission. He also flattened the tip of a corrugated nail and used it as a striker.

Although Patrick has been developing this 3D printed revolver for several months, he did not upload and share his stl file until this week. Considering that the PM522 Washbear 3D printed revolver is more advanced and practical than the liberators, it is estimated that these files will not be available on the Internet for long. I remember that when the design document of the "Liberator" 3D printing pistol was only on the Internet for less than three days, it was ordered by the US State Department to be removed from the Internet on the grounds of a violation of the Arms Export Control Act.

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