Three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter / multi-function standard meter model: DP1365 product overview

Three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter / multi-function standard meter Model: DP1365 I. Product Overview DP1365 multi-function standard meter is a 320×240 high-brightness backlit LCD screen display with intelligent human-machine interface intelligent multi-function standard meter . The standard meter uses high-speed DSP and 100k sampling rate, with the latest technology such as self-calibration high-speed A / D converter, high-speed sampling of AC signals, and the use of special data processing methods, so that the synchronization is eliminated in the circuit, avoiding Due to the measurement error caused by the zero-crossing in the synchronization link, the accurate calculation of the AC signal is achieved, and the measurement accuracy is improved. The standard meter can simultaneously measure three currents, voltages, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, total active power of three phases, total reactive power, total apparent power, total equivalent power factor, Equivalent phase angle and input frequency and other parameters, and can read the energy pulse constant (control current gear) through RS232 interface, and also choose to output active energy or reactive energy pulse. The standard meter adopts new technology, new technology, various compensation techniques and data processing methods to make it full-featured, wide-range, high-accuracy, stable and reliable. It has an all-Chinese interface and is easy to operate. It is an ideal power parameter measuring instrument. Second, the main features 1, LCD screen (320 × 240) display, simultaneously measuring three current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, three-phase total active power, total reactive power Total view power, total equivalent power factor, equivalent phase angle and input frequency. 2. The meter adopts advanced DSP and CPLD technology. In addition to the advantages of domestic similar products, in current conversion, data sampling, and anti- Interference and other aspects have unique design and process 3, internal gear position setting is reasonable, linearity is good, performance is stable and reliable 4. System software is designed according to the standard table of 0.02 level, and the hardware can be upgraded to 0.02 level with slight modification. Third, the main technical parameters The instrument is suitable for working in the ambient temperature of 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C; relative humidity of 80% or less, using AC 220V ± 22V power supply, power frequency 50Hz ± 5Hz. 1. AC current: 0~100A±0.05% RG 2. AC voltage: 0~480V ±0.05% RG 3. DC voltage: 0~660V 4. Active power: ±0.05% RG 10V~480V, 0.1A~120A ( Cosφ≥0.5) 5. Reactive power: ±0.05% RG 10V~480V, 0.1A~120A (Sinφ≥0.5) 6. Apparent power: ±0.05% RG 10V~480V, 0.1A~120A 7. Power factor :0~1.0 8. Phase measurement: 0~360°±0.05°~0.1° 9. Frequency: 45Hz~65Hz ±0.02% RD 10. Active energy: 0.05%; Reactive energy: 0.1% 11. Dimensions: 420 Width × 130 height × 465 depth (mm) 12, the whole machine quality: 15kg

Aluminium Foil For Kitchen Use

Aluminium Foil is the best material for wrapping, roasting, baking, freezing and fresh food storage. When you pack your foods with aluminum foil, you can avoid bacterias that could end up floating in you cooked meals.

Aluminum foil is recyclable and environmental, total harmless. It's ideal for cooking food, to keep food fresh, prevent food from drying out, seal in all the taste of food. Besides Catering Foil Roll, we also produce Hairdressing Foil Roll, Shisha Foil Roll and aluminum foil containers, pop-up foil sheets.

Various dimensions available. Length: from 2m to 300m, width: from 120mm to 600mm, thickness: 9mic to 25mic

foil roll spec

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