Five major techniques for decoration plate decoration - Shenzhou home plate

The plate refers to the materials used for decoration, and the classification is different according to his application range. In fact, we are no stranger to the plate, you can see the figure of the plate everywhere in the house. However, we generally ignore its existence. The board was originally the solid wood board for woodworking. Let's take a look at the Shenzhou home plate editors.

Plate purchase 1 . Look at the surface of the board for obvious ç‘•ç–µ

The surface of the decorative sheet should be smooth, free of burrs and cutting marks, no penetration phenomenon and surface contamination (such as partial blackening and yellowing). Try to select the surface of the board without cracks, cracks, knots, skins, For the resin capsule and the gum lane, the natural warpage of the whole sheet should be as small as possible to avoid the sand penetration phenomenon revealed by the substrate due to improper operation of the sanding process.

Plate purchase 2 . Recognize the difference between veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer

The former plate texture is basically straight texture, the texture pattern has rules; the latter plate is a natural wood pattern, and the texture pattern has natural variability and is irregular.

Plate purchase 3 . Sheet appearance inspection

The appearance of the decorative plate should have a good aesthetic, the material should be fine and even, the color is clear, the wood grain is beautiful, the texture of the plate and the parquet should be arranged according to a certain rule, the wood color is similar, and the seam is almost parallel to the edge of the board.

Plate purchase 4 . The sheet rubber layer structure is stable and there is no open glue phenomenon.

It should be noted that there should be no bulging or delamination between the veneer and the substrate on the surface of the sheet and between the layers inside the substrate.

Plate purchase 5 . To choose a plate with low formaldehyde emission

Do not choose decorative plates that have an irritating taste. Because the smell of the plate is larger, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more harmful the pollution and the greater the harm.

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