Made of environmentally friendly gold and silver paper UV ink

Heze Tianhong Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. has introduced and absorbed the characteristics of inks from domestic and foreign famous brand manufacturers in its own strength, invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and used imported raw materials to produce gold and silver cardboard specifically. UV matte, crystal ice, wrinkle and gold, silver cardboard ink and auxiliary materials for packaging, PVC/PC sheet and other materials.

UV ink is a type of environment-friendly ink that has been rapidly developed in recent years. It quickly takes up the packaging and printing market with instant curing (drying), non-volatile solvent, and simple and convenient application. UV inks can produce printed products including UV frosting, UV crystal ice, wrinkles and other simulation art effects. On the surface of the substrate with metallic mirror gloss, the UV ink is printed on it by means of a screen printing process, and after the ultraviolet irradiation of the ultraviolet drying equipment, a unique visual effect is produced, as if the smooth metal surface was etched and sanded. The artistic effects such as frosted, crystal ice, and wrinkles appear elegant, dignified and luxurious.

Ink characteristics and use

1. UV matte ink is divided into three types of coarse, medium and fine sand

(1) Ink characteristics: The ink layer has good texture uniformity, high surface hardness, good edge definition, high printing adaptability, and low price. Machine printing, manual printing can be.

(2) Application scope: surface imitation metal etching treatment for all kinds of gold and silver cardboard (such as: tobacco/alcoholic, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.) and sand surface treatment of PVC/PC transparent sheet.

2. UV crystal ice flower ink (such inks large and small ice ink)

(1) Ink characteristics: ink layer texture is good, surface hardness is high, edges are clear, feel good, beautiful appearance.

(2) Application industry: Application of surface metal etching treatment (such as tobacco/alcoholic, food, cosmetic packaging) and PVC/PC sheet on various kinds of gold and silver cardboard.

3. Wrinkle ink ink characteristics, application, use and storage are the same as crystalline ice ink.

4. Gold and silver cardboard packaging inks such as ink cover ink and transparent ink:

(1) Ink characteristics: A. Covering series: Bright and uniform ink layer, good color dispersion, pure color, high hiding power, ink has good flexibility, over-web and wear resistance, good leveling property, uniform fineness Strong adhesion. B、Transparent series: The ink layer is bright and uniform, the color dispersion is good, the color is pure, the ink has good flexibility, over-web and wear resistance, and the leveling property is good, the fineness is even, but the printing color effect is the ink and the bottom paper. The overlay color.

(2) Applied industries: high-end packaging (such as tobacco, alcohol, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.) and imitation metal etching products.

(1) The basic characteristics of the materials provided by different manufacturers are different from those of inks, so it is very important to test the quality of the printing.
(2) After the ink is stored for a long time, it will have a gel-like shape. If it is not fully stirred, the printing effect will be poor.
(3) Some paper quality problems such as uneven paper layer surface will affect the ink printing effect.
(4) When printing on a large area, comprehensive adjustment of each printing factor to obtain the best printing effect.
(5) Slow-drying thinner should be used for printing fine lines or dot patterns.
(6) Printing ink bubbles without disappearing will produce bubbles or pinholes.
(7) Static electricity on the surface of the screen or substrate will cause pinholes in the ink surface after printing.
(8) Excessive ambient temperature and high humidity will affect the original quality of the ink.
(9) After the products are printed, they shall be stacked and shipped only after the solvent of the ink film is thoroughly evaporated.
(10) According to the change of weather, thinners with different drying speeds should be used.
(11) If the additives or thinners are not used as specified, the quality will be poor and the printing effect will be significantly reduced.

- From "Screen Printing Industry" 2000.5